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ZERO star rating

Total joke Just a cash grab app with a crapy interface you can be assured your gun is not available in their picture data base of crapy internet stolen pictures. In the Desert Eagle .50 picture options you will find a picture of a closet of closes and a rifle riding under a pair of pants. Most pathetic app Ive seen to date Cant even take a picture of your own iron and load it to a profile The free app "My Arms Cache" is superior in every way Thanks for ripping me off Deleted!!!

Very helpful

Very helpful app, Ive got a ton of inventory that I want to keep track of and this was perfect.

Waist of money

Fix your app folks. The database is empty

So so

Needs improvement..... Need to be able to delete a weapon. The data base is terrible. Not worth the money.

Please Fix

I have added data 3 times to one gun go out AFTER SAVING come back in with some of the data I entered gone. Also needs some custom fields or add more. No data entry for stock ect... I have bought 3 of the sort it apps and this one is really bad. Please fix and Ill be happy to update this rating. Thanks.


Nice purchase. Good start to a great database app. You need t get this to HD.


So far I can only find one of my guns in the catalog and the pic is of a pen. Fix it up. Has potential.


Great app and very worth while. It still has a few bugs that need to be corrected. 1. The Google search for image option doesnt work. 2. Files appear to be easily lost or dont appear as the filter seems to always be on unless turned off

Awesome app for every gun guy

Wouldnt hesitate to buy, you get what you pay for.

Sort App for Guns

The very best gun App Ive found today. Great to work with and to add your inventory in the App.

Database needs LOTS of work.

The database appears to be user created and thus follows no standards. I added a Remington 11 12 gauge then it would not allow me to add a second one in 20 gauge. Also several items have other peoples serial numbers and even notes with who they have loaned it to or purchased it from. This makes me worry that my info may be imported into others "collections."

Wait till they improve it

I manage a gun store and I was disappointed to see that none of the SKUs would scan even on common models. Great idea, poor execution.

Not what I expected

I thought with this app I was able to look into the different categories of guns such as handguns, shotguns, rifles etc. and put them into a list, but no you can only search specifically the name of a gun, have a picture of it, year it was made, bullets it can carry, and its shooting mechanism, this app is very good if you are a gun collector and have an immense amount of guns already, or you already know specifically all the guns you wish to obtain in the future and have them nicely organized in this app

Gun info app

I bought this app to help keep track of my firearms. I ran into a small problem and asked for help. In no time at all my request was answered and now the app works great. The app is good but the people who stand behind it are great!

Wouldnt be bad for free

I have to say unfortunately I am rather disappointed with this app. For starters it doesnt maintain a total value for collection even though you enter a value for each gun. Also its advertised as Guns and Ammo collectors and while it asks you for rounds on hand per gun it doesnt track total rounds anywhere and it doesnt allow you to scan or add ammo and then easily track amount you have on hand. What good does it do to day I have 500 rounds on hand for my Glock 22 and then 500 rounds for Sig 226 if it doesnt give me a readily accessible round count. Honestly I made an excel spreadsheet for free that does much more.

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